Design Shapes our lives.

Man made or from nature, design influences many of our decisions from the products we buy to the services we use and the impressions we have.

Design affects our emotions, our ethos, our actions. It operates without any direct or apparent reason.

We believe that design should not be for it’s own sake, as for those who appreciate it’s value, design becomes a method of expression with immense influence.


Rod Gibson
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HABODE (Auckland) Limited


Is more than a house, it’s an appliance for living. Manufactured to a blueprint in which every last detail has been resolved functionally and aesthetically to deliver a modern yet contemporary living environment wherever you want to set-up home, be it in a city, town or the country. > Learn More...


The Kiwi Flag ki‧wi[kee-wee]

1. Any of several flightless, ratite birds of the genus Apteryx, of New Zealand.
2. A member of an air service, as in World War I, who is confined to ground duty.
3. A former pilot or member of a flight crew.
4. Informal. A New Zealander.



The easiest way to manage and share your brand and marketing assets. A Cloud based solution that's easy to use and quick to deploy. All your digital assets such as logos, images, graphics, etc in one place. >



Gibson Rusden is one of the longest operating design companies in NZ. Specialists in the creation, design & production of brand, packaging and communication material. Our founders have been sharing their experience with clients now for 25 years. >

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