Our vision is to reach people’s hearts and minds through inspirational reality.

For us, this means leading the world in superior manufactured homes, their conceptualisation, design, construction and delivery.

High quality production line manufacturing has become the norm for many products that inspire people to desire and possess – including jewellery, tech devices, haute couture and prestige cars.

Now we are adding housing to that list. Repeatable high standards, reliability and fit for purpose.

Homes at affordable prices so that more people can live in spaces they only imagined being possible.

HABODE® in Pakawau, New Zealand

HABODE® in Perth, Australia

HABODE® in Taita, New Zealand

HABODE® is delivered by truck to your site, complete, and can be assembled and installed in 2-3 days ready to occupy. All you need to do is prepare a foundation, site access and arrange services to connect up.

Coming soon to a location, near you.
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